Thursday Prayer Time | 2018

Twelve Specific Prayers for Your Church

Pray for a powerful move of God’s Spirit to bring deep conviction, repentance, and a mighty release of God’s power.

Pray for powerful anointing and direction upon our pastor and all teachers and church leaders (name them).

Pray for deep love among members.

Pray that strife and disunity will be subdued.

Pray that Satan be completely bound from all the members and activities of the church.

Pray for a strong wall of protection to surround the church and its members.

Pray that the church will clearly receive God’s direction in all decisions and ministries.

Pray that the church clearly discerns God’s vision for that particular congregation.

Pray for a spirit of zeal in all ministries and initiatives.

Pray for blessing and abundance of resources to do God’s work.

Pray for God to raise up many laborers for His work.

Pray for a powerful spirit of worship, prayer and holiness to permeate the church.

Dr. Gregory R. Frizzell, How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life: The Biblical Path to Holiness and Relationship with God (Memphis: The Master Design, 1999), 84.