Neighborhood Evangelism

Neighborhood Evangelism Next Steps

Be Intentional

1) Get to Know Your Neighbor
We are called to “love our neighbor” and we can’t do this if we don’t know our neighbor. Choose the 6 to 8 houses nearest to you to pray for, connect with, and minister to (If you live in an isolated area, apply this to your coworkers). Get to know their names, their kids’ names, and their pets’ names. Find out where they work, what their hobbies are, and look for opportunities to be Christlike.

2) Pray for Your Neighbors by Name
Commit to praying for each of your neighbors. Walk the neighborhood and ask God to open opportunities to talk to them about Spiritual things. Pray for their protection and for their children.

Engage Your Neighbors

3) Intentionally Reach Out Monthly
Make a list of your neighbors and try to do something for each of them once a month. Bake them some cookies, mow their yard, or just send a text asking how life is going. This just shows them you care about them and that you’re available if they need anything.

4) Be Present in Your Neighborhood
Play in the front yard instead of the backyard with your kids. Sit on your front porch when you see neighbors outside. Join them for a walk. This opens opportunities to get to know them better and share truth with them.

5) Host Outreach Opportunities for Your Neighborhood
These give you strategic times to be with your neighbors and have some fun. The church will help resource you and other First West families in your neighborhood with these ideas, but it’s up to you to own them in your neighborhood. Examples are Neighborhood VBS, Block Parties, Super Bowl Parties, Egg Hunts and Fall Festivals.

Share Your Faith

6) Invite Your Neighbors to Your LIFE Group
Some people would not think of attending a church service but would gladly go to a LIFE Group meeting where you were either leading or attending. If they are already active in a local church, affirm them. If they are not, those are the neighbors you can pursue spiritually.

7) Know the Gospel and Be Intentional to Share
The aim of hospitality is to forge relationships strong enough to bear the weight of truth. Know how to share your testimony and the Gospel (we recommend the 3 circles). Be ready to do so, and look for these opportunities.