Retreat Goals

Monday, 7/19

  • Fellowship together and welcome new team members.
  • Talk about our purpose.
  • Share some wins.

Tuesday, 7/20

  • Pray for brokenness and humility.
  • Use the Engagement Survey to guide analysis-driven, strategic direction.
  • Leverage data and our vision to create effective on-ramps back into post-pandemic church life.
  • Share the full scope of our 2021-2025 project vision.

Wednesday, 7/21

  • Pray for revival and spiritual awakening.
  • Develop plans and ideas to focus future energy.
  • Discover ways to send our people to live on mission and reach their neighbors with the Gospel.

Thursday, 7/22

  • Pray for our church and each other.
  • Outline next steps for sharing Christ with our neighbors.
  • Summarize our global process for evangelism and discipleship at First West—the See To It Pathway.
  • Worship together.